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(edit) @5282   8 years alno Adding LCD support. Read …
(edit) @4748   9 years schlocke Updated Maketype for compile #4747
(edit) @4608   9 years schlocke fixed Makefile for gbox
(edit) @4607   9 years schlocke gbox: fixed compiler errors (yes, there are still warnings!)
(edit) @4404   9 years schlocke removed module-obj-list and replaced by module-datastruct-list failban …
(edit) @4297   9 years schlocke build file update
(edit) @4144   9 years dingo35 oscam-chk, oscam-nano: cleanup + check threadsafety
(edit) @4136   9 years dingo35 COOLSTREAM DVBAPI thanks to all that helped achieving this
(edit) @3930   9 years _network activate webif ssl support WITH_SSL (experimental)
(edit) @3610   9 years merek Fix Maketype
(edit) @3607   9 years rorothetroll fix missing $(LIBFILE1)(oscam-datastruct-llist.o) in Maketype
(edit) @3049   9 years rebdog Revert NDS files to version 3040 and fix error by changing static …
(edit) @3041   9 years rorothetroll fix reader-videoguard2.c that I broke. Restored to 3033 version with …
(edit) @3034   9 years rorothetroll regrouped common code and data for NDS in reader-videoguard-common.[c,h]
(edit) @3031   9 years alno Fix build error with normal 'make'
(edit) @3025   9 years merek Fix broken make
(edit) @2907   9 years lattjo Initial support for Tongfang, caid 4A02. ECM handling has odd/even cw …
(edit) @2901   9 years _network move pcsc code to csctapi
(edit) @2593   9 years rorothetroll patch list_smargo to display reader serial. started to add pcsc option …
(edit) @2541   9 years merek Added constantcw module with some basic fixes to work in oscam, see …
(edit) @2356   9 years merek - Remove old loadbalanced stuff - Fix Maketype for module-stat
(edit) @2150   9 years merek Rename oscam-llist to module-obj-llist, should also fix cmake
(edit) @2148   9 years alno splitted module-cccam.c to oscam-llist.c, oscam-llist.h, …
(edit) @1691   10 years merek Merge Webinterface into Trunk - Use -DWEBIF=1 with cmake to build with …
(edit) @1592   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1712
(edit) @1524   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1644
(edit) @1419   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1574
(edit) @1000   10 years landlord New feature: DVB API 'client' support, thanks to _network
(edit) @809   10 years rorothetroll put the pcsc reader code in its own files.
(edit) @787   10 years landlord MIPS building works again
(edit) @786   10 years landlord Update to generate binary file name with full version information
(edit) @776   10 years rorothetroll merge PCSC support into trunk
(edit) @654   10 years cogsi Maketype fix for cccam
(edit) @598   10 years nightmann initial commit of nagra-reader.c. unfortunately communication problems …
(edit) @491   10 years dingo35 Add DRECRYPT, card 0x14 not yet working..
(edit) @455   10 years landlord merging NDS patches together
(edit) @21   10 years smurzch2 Rename from MpCS to OSCam
(edit) @14   10 years smurzch2 Add support for videoguard2 cards (aka NDS) This support Sky UK and …
(add) @8   10 years smurzch2 Start repository for OSCam (Open Source Cam) The start is from the …
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