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(edit) @5333   8 years Admin Only wait up to 500ms in llist destroy as there seem to exist deadlock …
(edit) @5307   8 years Admin Fix for 5304: Add forgotten cs_unlock in llist, remove "deadlock …
(edit) @5304   8 years Admin Fix memcpy issues in reader-videoguard2 and smartreader module: …
(edit) @5299   8 years Admin Replace all malloc/calloc calls (in main OSCam directory) with …
(edit) @5279   8 years schlocke small changes on logging small changes updating old code
(edit) @5255   8 years schlocke cccam: good/bad sid list fix
(edit) @5242   8 years schlocke cccam: sharelist added extra good+bad sids
(edit) @5234   8 years schlocke cccam entitlements/loadbalancer stats: base work for sorting (-->alno)
(edit) @5233   8 years Admin Fix some types (please check if this fixes #1854), remove strnlen …
(edit) @5232   8 years schlocke fixed "invalid read" (valgrind)
(edit) @5226   8 years schlocke iterator refactoring: iterators now on stack instead heap
(edit) @5187   8 years schlocke fixed a segfault
(edit) @5186   8 years schlocke fixed segfault
(edit) @5100   8 years schlocke added debug output
(edit) @5085   8 years schlocke cccam: fixed some reshare problems, fixed a segfault
(edit) @5064   8 years schlocke fixed segfault
(edit) @5063   8 years schlocke fixed segfaults -This line, and those below, will be ignored-- M …
(edit) @5062   8 years schlocke cccam: fixed ext mode fixed segfault on heavy load
(edit) @5056   8 years schlocke loadbalancer: fixed segfault webif: readers save segfault
(edit) @5042   8 years schlocke loadbalancer: added lb_noproviderforcaid=18,17 for full system support …
(edit) @4994   8 years Admin I noticed that monitor encryption is not working on 64bit plattforms …
(edit) @4993   8 years schlocke small typo fix
(edit) @4988   8 years schlocke cccam: prepared entitlements for page switch/alno
(edit) @4968   8 years Admin Most of the time, only one iterator is needed at the same time. To …
(edit) @4967   8 years Admin Add garbage to multiple lists to fix high cpu usage on cccam since …
(edit) @4908   8 years schlocke LLIST: added more locks to get threadsafer
(edit) @4839   9 years schlocke fixed possible segfault by using pthread_locks on lists
(edit) @4831   9 years schlocke cache fixed segfault
(edit) @4747   9 years schlocke cccam: removed transparent option, now it's default on every mode. …
(edit) @4639   9 years _network camd35: fix emm request
(edit) @4536   9 years dingo35 Remove inactive readers from reader_list, no need to test on enable / …
(edit) @4531   9 years schlocke updated loadbalancer and cccam for the new list
(edit) @4528   9 years cogsi llist now singly-linked and locks removed in favour of delayed garbage …
(edit) @4516   9 years cogsi ll_iter_release() guarding against NULL call
(edit) @4513   9 years schlocke completed matching_rdr change to list updated loadbalancer
(edit) @4505   9 years dingo35 oscam.c : Added er->matching_rdr2 list to replace er->matching_rdr array
(edit) @4442   9 years schlocke cccam: speed up by using less locks cccam: passwd length enlarged to 64
(edit) @4440   9 years Admin Fix: Linked list crashes when NULL is given to ll_clear_data (like …
(edit) @4421   9 years schlocke cccam: no failban if username contains invalid chars cccam: Thanks to …
(edit) @4404   9 years schlocke removed module-obj-list and replaced by module-datastruct-list failban …
(edit) @4066   9 years schlocke cccam: fixed dup cards check
(edit) @3634   9 years schlocke cccam: fixed
(edit) @3631   9 years schlocke fixed loadbalancer fixed cccam
(edit) @3625   9 years schlocke cccam: fixed segfaults
(edit) @3620   9 years schlocke cccam: fixed
(edit) @3613   9 years cogsi fixed segfault in ll_insert_at()
(edit) @3611   9 years cogsi ll_iter_peek()
(copy) @3609   9 years merek Rename datastruct-llist, as CMakeFile includes module-* as csmodules
copied from trunk/oscam-datastruct-llist.c:
(edit) @3598   9 years cogsi llist fixes
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