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(edit) @5375   9 years _network stapi: add log messages for debug and change lock behavior
(edit) @5373   9 years _network correct some declarations
(edit) @5371   9 years Admin Fully remove unneeded codepath for dbox/dm500 which was needeed …
(edit) @5344   9 years Admin Fix for #1899
(edit) @5310   9 years Admin Replace i2b with i2b_buf. cl->dump is now only used in cs_hexdump …
(edit) @5309   9 years Admin Get rid of some static variables and cl->dump usage as they are not …
(edit) @5304   9 years Admin Fix memcpy issues in reader-videoguard2 and smartreader module: …
(edit) @5299   9 years Admin Replace all malloc/calloc calls (in main OSCam directory) with …
(edit) @5284   9 years _network dvbapi: fix for prioritizing irdeto chids
(edit) @5245   9 years schlocke modularization: CCCAM (MODULE_CCCAM) and LOADBALANCER (WITH_LB) could …
(edit) @5244   9 years _network dvbapi: change value for l: entry in oscam.dvbapi from decimal to hex
(edit) @5243   9 years _network dvbapi: change irdeto chid handling
(edit) @5202   9 years Admin Fix small typing error
(edit) @5201   9 years Admin Replace strtok() with the reentrant and threadsafe function strtok_r()
(edit) @5195   9 years _network another fix for r5192
(edit) @5124   9 years _network dvbapi: fix crash on channels with too many emm pids and increase limit
(edit) @5103   9 years _network dvbapi: allow multiple length filter per channel
(edit) @5026   9 years _network split up srvid list for faster searches
(edit) @5005   9 years Admin Fix restart error when using dvbapi and a compiler error on tuxbox …
(edit) @4994   9 years Admin I noticed that monitor encryption is not working on 64bit plattforms …
(edit) @4989   9 years _network limit blocknano/savenano from 0x80 to 0x8f; camd33: remove a global …
(edit) @4984   9 years _network dvbapi: filter ecm by length
(edit) @4976   9 years _network dvbapi: fix typo from r4972
(edit) @4972   9 years _network dvbapi: fix possible buffer overflow
(edit) @4934   9 years Admin Add speaking error messages using strerror() to all errors containing …
(edit) @4906   9 years neoen small fix to #r4904
(edit) @4904   9 years _network dvbapi: simplify blockemm system
(edit) @4900   9 years Admin Revert r4896 and fix the real issue for stapi: snprintf behaves …
(edit) @4898   9 years Deas fix typo in r4897
(edit) @4897   9 years Admin Fix stapi which was broken through last commit.
(edit) @4896   9 years Admin Replace all occurences of strcpy and sprintf by their safe variants …
(edit) @4829   9 years _network stapi: fix memory corruption, thx to ilchegu
(edit) @4792   9 years _network fix length check for ecm with more than 256 bytes #1676; dvbapi: …
(edit) @4771   9 years _network dvbapi: - add most of the code from liboscam_stapi to svn (use lib …
(edit) @4736   9 years Deas azbox dvbapi: fix compile error
(edit) @4734   9 years _network dvbapi: fixes for prioritize irdeto chids
(edit) @4719   9 years _network dvbapi: prioritize chids #1645
(edit) @4674   9 years _network dvbapi: fix crash in viaccess_reassemble_emm() on ppc when compiled …
(edit) @4664   9 years _network dvbapi: some changes in viaccess_reassemble_emm()
(edit) @4663   9 years schlocke dvbapi: compile error fix from #4662
(edit) @4662   9 years cogsi azbox fixes (thanks to all on the forum who played around with …
(edit) @4626   9 years _network remove card_status and load reader description on startup
(edit) @4625   9 years _network add more emm checks
(edit) @4617   9 years _network change aureader to a linked list parameter au in user conf now allows …
(edit) @4592   9 years dingo35 module-dvbapi.c Fix compiler errors cfg structure
(edit) @4576   9 years _network dvbapi: fix irdeto chid detection and emm start for inactive cards
(edit) @4572   9 years _network dvbapi: fix irdeto channel with more then 10 chids
(edit) @4540   9 years cogsi Fix for ticket 1352: pausecam still queing ecms
(edit) @4530   9 years cogsi azbox: dirty fix for ecm info file
(edit) @4499   9 years _network dvbapi: allow more seca emm filter
(edit) @4495   9 years _network dvbapi: fix api detection
(edit) @4493   9 years _network dvbapi: another fix for r4483; apply #1318
(edit) @4488   9 years _network dvbapi: fix bug after r4483
(edit) @4483   9 years _network dvbapi: possible fix for #1503; prepare multi request mode
(edit) @4477   9 years dingo35 oscam.c Assign clearer names to cs_fork, init_shm, store_cw
(edit) @4475   9 years dingo35 Inline documentation of ECM-request return codes
(edit) @4248   9 years schlocke account restructure: small fix for dvbapi
(edit) @4247   9 years schlocke fixed dvbapi-usr typo
(edit) @4141   9 years dingo35 all: simplify debug system, add D_DVBAPI = -d128, eliminate cs_ptyp …
(edit) @4136   9 years dingo35 COOLSTREAM DVBAPI thanks to all that helped achieving this
(edit) @4134   9 years _network dvbapi: add thread for manual calling of signal event handler for …
(edit) @4122   9 years _network WebIf: fix crash (edit camd35tcp with ssl enabled); dvbapi: prepare …
(edit) @4114   9 years _network dvbapi: fix emm send to wrong reader (set au=2 in oscam.conf)
(edit) @4029   10 years _network dvbapi: add disabling signal handler by setting pmt_mode=4 for testing …
(edit) @3991   10 years _network dvbapi: fix prioritize by ecmpid
(edit) @3980   10 years _network dvbapi: fix freezer on pmt update
(edit) @3974   10 years _network dvbapi: fix small bug
(edit) @3970   10 years _network dvbapi: change pmt update handling
(edit) @3963   10 years _network dvbapi: try to fix rai movie no audio bug #1275, pls test
(edit) @3909   10 years _network dvbapi: prepare rereading of oscam.dvbapi
(edit) @3900   10 years _network io_serial: log timeout only as debug
(edit) @3874   10 years _network dvbapi: fix seca unique emm filter
(edit) @3869   10 years _network dvbapi: fix priority and mapping bug
(edit) @3857   10 years _network dvbapi: change type of event_handler mutex and add some emm filter log …
(edit) @3834   10 years _network dvbapi: fix pmt parsing issues
(edit) @3809   10 years _network dvbapi: changes for new liboscam_stapi version 0.06, older versions …
(edit) @3793   10 years _network don't use attribute packed on ARM architecture, this is causing …
(edit) @3788   10 years hapeba Minimize size of binaries by exclude unused moduls - thanks to Gusu
(edit) @3768   10 years _network dvbapi: fix cryptoworks priority bug and parse capmt_list_management value
(edit) @3757   10 years _network dvbapi: fix emm reassembling bug
(edit) @3736   10 years rorothetroll added a chmod on the camd.socket so that other non root process can …
(edit) @3732   10 years _network dvbapi: make liboscam_stapi more robust against dvbapi changes
(edit) @3731   10 years _network dvbapi: fix #1147
(edit) @3729   10 years _network dvbapi: try to fix #1147 and move reassemble code to reader files
(edit) @3725   10 years _network dvbapi: code cleanup, fix viaccess descrambling on channel without …
(edit) @3683   10 years dingo35 oscam.c : doublecheck change origin_reader from index to pointer
(edit) @3682   10 years dingo35 oscam.c change variable names to (hopefully) more meaningful…
(edit) @3681   10 years dingo35 dvbapi: changes as in rev 3680 should apply here too
(edit) @3644   10 years rorothetroll try to solve the auprovid problem for cw emm
(edit) @3608   10 years _network dvbapi: fix #1084
(edit) @3603   10 years _network dvbapi: fix priority bug
(edit) @3581   10 years _network dvbapi: move priority settings to a separate file
(edit) @3570   10 years rorothetroll fix provider id extraction for cw emm-g
(edit) @3569   10 years rorothetroll added some debug log for emm-u and emm-g for cw
(edit) @3568   10 years rorothetroll check auprovid on cw emm-u and emm-g. not tested. please report.
(edit) @3566   10 years rorothetroll adding some debug log for the epg.provid (aka auprovid) as some people …
(edit) @3541   10 years rorothetroll change some log messages to be debug messages
(edit) @3527   10 years _network dvbapi: fix priority issue (#1050 #1054) and try to fix qboxhd bug
(edit) @3526   10 years _network dvbapi: small fixes
(edit) @3524   10 years _network dvbapi: add support for new QboxHD stone firmware, thx to boubaris
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