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(edit) @5348   8 years schlocke changed locking behaviour on dns resolving, gethostbyname=mutexlock, …
(edit) @5304   8 years Admin Fix memcpy issues in reader-videoguard2 and smartreader module: …
(edit) @5299   8 years Admin Replace all malloc/calloc calls (in main OSCam directory) with …
(edit) @5233   8 years Admin Fix some types (please check if this fixes #1854), remove strnlen …
(edit) @5226   8 years schlocke iterator refactoring: iterators now on stack instead heap
(edit) @5205   8 years Admin Some cleanups: Remove getprotobyname() uses, replace getpwuid by …
(edit) @5164   8 years cogsi gox: basic local card support (initialised, single-caid readers only)
(edit) @5163   8 years cogsi gbox: more groundwork for gbox server support
(edit) @5087   8 years cogsi gbox: code_cmd function (pretty pointless but we have a decode_cmd fcn …
(edit) @5083   8 years cogsi gbox: further initial work for local card support
(edit) @5082   8 years cogsi gbox: checksum calc
(edit) @5081   8 years cogsi gbox: client improvements
(edit) @4994   8 years Admin I noticed that monitor encryption is not working on 64bit plattforms …
(edit) @4951   8 years schlocke fixed new thread cleanup management
(edit) @4934   8 years Admin Add speaking error messages using strerror() to all errors containing …
(edit) @4896   8 years Admin Replace all occurences of strcpy and sprintf by their safe variants …
(edit) @4765   9 years cogsi gbox: updates (better ecm handling, etc.) thanks to leloup
(edit) @4762   9 years cogsi gbox: minor bits
(edit) @4746   9 years cogsi gbox: fixes (thanks to leloup, thatave and to everyone else)
(edit) @4745   9 years cogsi gbox: partial attempted ecm fix (will be superceded shortly - don't …
(edit) @4733   9 years cogsi gbox: commented out printf
(edit) @4732   9 years cogsi gbox: hello_not_expired->hello_expired (more logical)
(edit) @4731   9 years cogsi gbox: fail_count = 1 temporarily while there is no msg re-sending …
(edit) @4730   9 years cogsi gbox: hello now handled more intelligently
(edit) @4729   9 years cogsi gbox: increased minilzo decompression buffer size
(edit) @4728   9 years cogsi gbox: fixed for dist, lvl
(edit) @4727   9 years cogsi gbox: only send hello on final hello
(edit) @4716   9 years cogsi gbox: unlock mutex
(edit) @4715   9 years cogsi gbox: cs_add_violation() functionality added (thanks to Alno for the …
(edit) @4714   9 years cogsi gbox: intruder alert message
(edit) @4701   9 years cogsi gbox: send boxinfo message
(edit) @4700   9 years cogsi gbox: message codes added
(edit) @4654   9 years cogsi gbox: do key conversions properly. removed compiler warnings
(edit) @4653   9 years cogsi gbox: fix implicit declaration
(edit) @4652   9 years cogsi gbox: clock_gettime() -> gettimeofday()
(edit) @4625   9 years _network add more emm checks
(edit) @4622   9 years cogsi gbox: handling of codeword message and initial clinet online/offline …
(edit) @4612   9 years _network smargo: flush bytes before card reset
(add) @4605   9 years cogsi First commit of gbox module (for developer use only!!!). It only …
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