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(edit) @5309   9 years Admin Get rid of some static variables and cl->dump usage as they are not …
(edit) @4994   9 years Admin I noticed that monitor encryption is not working on 64bit plattforms …
(edit) @4952   9 years schlocke fixed memory leak in nagra reader ticket #1750
(edit) @4904   9 years _network dvbapi: simplify blockemm system
(edit) @4896   9 years Admin Replace all occurences of strcpy and sprintf by their safe variants …
(edit) @4875   9 years neoen EMM filters for DVBAPI activated only if EMMs are not blocked or EMMs …
(edit) @4811   9 years _network revert r4807
(edit) @4807   9 years _network reader-nagra: renew sessionkey before reading cw
(edit) @4743   9 years _network reader-nagra: correct changes in r4742
(edit) @4742   9 years _network reader-nagra: fix possible crash if compiled with libcrypto
(edit) @4669   9 years _network next try fixing ip issue; fix nagra wrong emm provider
(edit) @4582   9 years dingo35 All readers: remove caid array since all readers only support one caid
(edit) @4570   9 years lattjo For nagra/tiger card. Improved tiers display. Correct handling of PPV …
(edit) @4356   9 years Admin Replace all occurences of localtime() with the threadsafe version …
(edit) @4344   9 years Admin Remove tiger_rsakey and n3_rsakey => use rsakey instead. Remove …
(edit) @4292   9 years lattjo Support some additional Nagra 3 NA cards
(edit) @4141   9 years dingo35 all: simplify debug system, add D_DVBAPI = -d128, eliminate cs_ptyp …
(edit) @3893   10 years schlocke webinf/Entitlements cccam: OK
(edit) @3829   10 years rorothetroll fix some casting after talking to _network. minor fixes in other sources.
(edit) @3826   10 years rorothetroll reader-nagra.c : fix tier display for non tiger card. thank you webjoker
(edit) @3816   10 years rorothetroll reader-viaccess.c : testing support for an acutal pin code, not just …
(edit) @3758   10 years rorothetroll patch to read activation/subscriptions on nagra tiger cards. Thanks to …
(edit) @3729   10 years _network dvbapi: try to fix #1147 and move reassemble code to reader files
(edit) @3641   10 years dingo35 reader-nagra.c : simplify N3 code
(edit) @3629   10 years dingo35 reader-nagra.c : Add 0x29 command for N3_NA
(edit) @3628   10 years dingo35 reader-nagra.c: Add do_ecm for N3_NA
(edit) @3615   10 years dingo35 reader-nagra.c : remove duplication of code, switch keynr 01 and 00 for NA
(edit) @3424   10 years _network fix http thread logging
(edit) @3423   10 years _network fix dvbapi compile error
(edit) @3349   10 years lattjo Reader specific code does not have to be globally visible anymore.
(edit) @3337   10 years rebdog fixes for missing bracket warnings around cs_debug when compiled …
(edit) @3182   10 years dingo35 Readers checked on threadsafety except videoguard-common
(edit) @3181   10 years dingo35 Adding threadsafety FIXMEs, feel free to join checking..
(edit) @3168   10 years _network merge modular branch with trunk
(edit) @3132   10 years dingo35 N3-NA actually negotiate both keys
(edit) @3130   10 years dingo35 Fix ID cmd N3 NA
(edit) @3129   10 years dingo35 N3-NA negotiate two times
(edit) @3127   10 years dingo35 Fix N3-NA IrdId? issue
(edit) @3120   10 years dingo35 Making readers tongfang, seca, irdeto, viaccess and nagra threadsafe
(edit) @3098   10 years dingo35 Fix for Nagra3 NA
(edit) @3083   10 years rorothetroll restored rom array to 15 byte as it's only used for display. We still …
(edit) @3082   10 years rorothetroll start of NA N3 support
(edit) @3075   10 years rorothetroll small fix in nagra tiger code to set the SA. This is needed by some client
(edit) @2451   10 years merek - add force_irdeto parameter to reader section to force irdeto mode …
(edit) @2116   10 years _network fix nagra emm filter fix
(edit) @2115   10 years _network fix nagra emm filter
(edit) @2074   10 years _network allow more than one emm filter per type
(edit) @2070   10 years merek Fix Signal 11 caused by UMP changes
(edit) @2069   10 years merek Merge from UMP r2016-r2021
(edit) @2019   10 years _network remove if statement from cyrptoworks do_emm for testing and add 0x86 …
(edit) @2006   10 years _network -fix nagra demux filter -dvbapi: try to fix dm7025 pip and add some …
(edit) @1977   10 years alno prepare nagra demux filter and collector function in reader-common.c I …
(edit) @1951   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1973-1983
(edit) @1948   10 years merek Revert last UMP changes as this causes signal 11 and is not realy stable
(edit) @1946   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1973-1979
(edit) @1926   10 years merek Merge UMP r1944-1969: - Adding SC8in1 support, thanks to dingo35
(edit) @1778   10 years landlord Fix shared EMM Nagra2, thanks to neoen.
(edit) @1774   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1836
(edit) @1771   10 years merek Merge from UMP: Fixed nagra2 emm bug, thanks to neoen
(edit) @1766   10 years landlord New EMM processing, so they can be filtered for DVB API, thanks to dingo35.
(edit) @1543   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1650
(edit) @1539   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1649
(edit) @1529   10 years merek Revert chatty Camstate logging back to debugging
(edit) @1528   10 years merek Backport from UMP r1647: if nagra-reader has a 'not found' after a …
(edit) @1504   10 years merek Adding suppresscmd08=0|1 command in user and global section - Merge …
(edit) @1399   10 years landlord Merge from ump rev. 1545: now with new debug masks, added the prefix …
(edit) @1389   10 years landlord Backport from ump trunk 1520
(edit) @1381   10 years landlord backport from ump rev. 1442, please verify
(edit) @1347   10 years nightmann revert 1343
(edit) @1344   10 years nightmann make internal functions static
(edit) @1343   10 years nightmann remove static stuff from reader-nagra.c
(edit) @1333   10 years nightmann after dingo35 layer cleanups we can try again with some stronger …
(edit) @1322   10 years dingo35 Add warnings for over/underclocking without suitable hardware
(edit) @1259   10 years nightmann ECM/EMM fixes for Tivusat card by hexalot.
(edit) @1231   10 years nightmann small cosmetical change for x86 by hexalot
(edit) @1200   10 years nightmann For irdeto cards you can now use boxkey in oscam.server as irdeto …
(edit) @1196   10 years nightmann 1. simplifiy tiger sessionkey negotiation. Patch by hexalot 2. make …
(edit) @1167   10 years nightmann small fixes in swapCW. Now cabo works again. thx FilipeAmadeuO for testing.
(edit) @1165   10 years nightmann give only the shared adress to emm clients
(edit) @1164   10 years nightmann fix typo :((
(edit) @1162   10 years nightmann 1.Fix some timming issues 2.remove some debug output 3.some changes in …
(edit) @1125   10 years C.H.A.D.o Remove unused parameters
(edit) @1116   10 years nightmann some cosmetical changes only
(edit) @1083   10 years nightmann Added Tigercard(Tivusat) and probably Mediaset Premium(untested) …
(edit) @1076   10 years nightmann revert latest changes on module-newcamd. We do the alignment better in …
(edit) @1043   10 years nightmann 1. now ifs request works witrh patch from hexalot. [nagra-reader] …
(edit) @820   10 years nightmann fix cmd $d1 for tivusat
(edit) @819   10 years nightmann added cmd$d1 $d2 $d3 for tivusat support.
(edit) @800   10 years nightmann some optimization in ECM/CW handling. Post process function will now …
(edit) @798   10 years nightmann fixed some errors in tier ID reading
(edit) @797   10 years nightmann rom181 doesnt support tier id reading
(edit) @789   10 years nightmann removed unneeded var
(edit) @765   10 years nightmann - added tier reading support. - if sessionkey negotiate not …
(edit) @758   10 years nightmann small fix. set retry to 0
(edit) @757   10 years nightmann make cw request more stable, thx to infi2k for this hint.
(edit) @752   10 years nightmann Fix typo. Use boxkey instead of hexserial, thx to satpt for his help
(edit) @745   10 years nightmann some sessionkey modification for provider without valid dt08 data …
(edit) @743   10 years nightmann fix typo
(edit) @742   10 years nightmann if not has a valid dt08 decrypted use rsa from config as sessionkey …
(edit) @741   11 years nightmann use right CWw order and swap CWs only on provider 3411, 0401.
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