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(edit) @5355   8 years Admin Correct some field lengths in WebIf, don't exit OSCam anymore when …
(edit) @5354   8 years neoen NDS: added support for mail messages from provider. Text mail messages …
(edit) @5309   8 years Admin Get rid of some static variables and cl->dump usage as they are not …
(edit) @5299   8 years Admin Replace all malloc/calloc calls (in main OSCam directory) with …
(edit) @5274   8 years neoen Added more VG2 EMM Shared filters
(edit) @5174   8 years Admin Fix aligment in videoguard-common. Thanks to goffi for providing this …
(edit) @4999   8 years neoen small type fix and small nds emm fix
(edit) @4994   8 years Admin I noticed that monitor encryption is not working on 64bit plattforms …
(edit) @4906   8 years neoen small fix to #r4904
(edit) @4904   8 years _network dvbapi: simplify blockemm system
(edit) @4875   8 years neoen EMM filters for DVBAPI activated only if EMMs are not blocked or EMMs …
(edit) @4845   9 years neoen Updated Videoguard EMM code
(edit) @4844   9 years neoen Rewritten code for Videoguard EMM. Added support for EMM-G with sub-emms
(edit) @4705   9 years landlord Added VideoGuard? totalTV Serbia (091F) SC. Thanks to jenova.
(edit) @4644   9 years lattjo VG: Removed not needed code and accept shared EMM without serial from …
(edit) @4573   9 years lattjo Fixed Foxtel caid 096C detection
(edit) @4141   9 years dingo35 all: simplify debug system, add D_DVBAPI = -d128, eliminate cs_ptyp …
(edit) @3888   9 years _network videoguard: filter shared emm by serial
(edit) @3862   9 years _network dvbapi: add shared and global videoguard emm filter
(edit) @3604   9 years rebdog add a few new atrs, closes #751
(edit) @3602   9 years rebdog change nds type of 0988 card to NDS1+, plus changes to …
(edit) @3430   9 years rebdog optimise build, by defining keys as static const and creating set of …
(edit) @3391   9 years rebdog videoguard: fix for powerpc card init error and logging improvements
(edit) @3327   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: preparations for modular compiling
(edit) @3321   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: move more common code to reader-videoguard-common.c
(edit) @3280   9 years rebdog videoguard: fix for ticket #846 and ticket #837
(edit) @3216   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: correct 09ac tier start number
(edit) @3205   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: attempt to identify real tiers for 09AC cards
(edit) @3204   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: optimizations suggested by dingo35
(edit) @3196   9 years rebdog videoguard: simplify threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3187   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: further threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3186   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: further threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3185   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: further threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3184   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: further threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3182   9 years dingo35 Readers checked on threadsafety except videoguard-common
(edit) @3181   9 years dingo35 Adding threadsafety FIXMEs, feel free to join checking..
(edit) @3128   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: threadsafe changes, needs to be tested with a 09ac card
(edit) @3124   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: further threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3115   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: fix an error in overflow calculation of manage_tag
(edit) @3114   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: changes to make thread safe, remove …
(edit) @3103   9 years rebdog change baseyear 09ac
(edit) @3097   9 years rebdog store nds card description and baseyear in reader structure, and some …
(edit) @3095   9 years rebdog add new atrs and improve card type logging
(edit) @3073   9 years rebdog Fix for ticket 710, only run cmd 2a if in cmd table, hopefully does …
(edit) @3071   9 years dingo35 Fix videoguard 090F, 090B and 096a by improving cw-postprocess thx to …
(edit) @3058   9 years rebdog Move table of all known atrs into reader-videoguard-common.c
(edit) @3050   9 years rebdog NDS, move more things into reader-videoguard-common.[h,c]
(add) @3049   9 years rebdog Revert NDS files to version 3040 and fix error by changing static …
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