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(edit) @5309   8 years Admin Get rid of some static variables and cl->dump usage as they are not …
(edit) @5304   8 years Admin Fix memcpy issues in reader-videoguard2 and smartreader module: …
(edit) @5180   8 years landlord Added fix for CW2 CAID 093E. Thanks to sergis.
(edit) @4994   8 years Admin I noticed that monitor encryption is not working on 64bit plattforms …
(edit) @4845   9 years neoen Updated Videoguard EMM code
(edit) @4844   9 years neoen Rewritten code for Videoguard EMM. Added support for EMM-G with sub-emms
(edit) @4827   9 years _network reader-videoguard2: add fix for caid 0907 (#1706), thx to wyrm
(edit) @4764   9 years cogsi fix for sky it 0919 9993 error (thanks to private team; good work guys!)
(edit) @4588   9 years dingo35 All files: make cfg static for easier valgrind analysis
(edit) @4582   9 years dingo35 All readers: remove caid array since all readers only support one caid
(edit) @4141   9 years dingo35 all: simplify debug system, add D_DVBAPI = -d128, eliminate cs_ptyp …
(edit) @3893   9 years schlocke webinf/Entitlements cccam: OK
(edit) @3862   9 years _network dvbapi: add shared and global videoguard emm filter
(edit) @3819   9 years alno add reader label to 'card detected' loginfo
(edit) @3548   9 years rebdog extra temporary logging of videoguard parental lock settings
(edit) @3536   9 years rebdog unlockparental added to videoguard2
(edit) @3462   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard2: log parental control settings
(edit) @3391   9 years rebdog videoguard: fix for powerpc card init error and logging improvements
(edit) @3366   9 years rebdog add debuging in an attempt to identify problem in ticket #894
(edit) @3354   9 years rebdog compile error fixes
(edit) @3349   9 years lattjo Reader specific code does not have to be globally visible anymore.
(edit) @3327   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: preparations for modular compiling
(edit) @3321   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: move more common code to reader-videoguard-common.c
(edit) @3290   9 years alno remove obsolete compilerflag CS_RDR_INIT_HIST because it's replaced by …
(edit) @3280   9 years rebdog videoguard: fix for ticket #846 and ticket #837
(edit) @3205   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: attempt to identify real tiers for 09AC cards
(edit) @3204   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: optimizations suggested by dingo35
(edit) @3196   9 years rebdog videoguard: simplify threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3184   9 years rebdog readervideoguard: further threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3182   9 years dingo35 Readers checked on threadsafety except videoguard-common
(edit) @3181   9 years dingo35 Adding threadsafety FIXMEs, feel free to join checking..
(edit) @3168   9 years _network merge modular branch with trunk
(edit) @3139   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: patch for ticket #838
(edit) @3128   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: threadsafe changes, needs to be tested with a 09ac card
(edit) @3124   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: further threadsafe fixes
(edit) @3114   9 years rebdog reader-videoguard: changes to make thread safe, remove …
(edit) @3097   9 years rebdog store nds card description and baseyear in reader structure, and some …
(edit) @3096   9 years rebdog Revert to revision 3073 fix for ticket 710, only run cmd 2a if in cmd …
(edit) @3095   9 years rebdog add new atrs and improve card type logging
(edit) @3077   9 years rebdog Another attempt to fix reading of tiers, balancing needs of 09CD vs …
(edit) @3073   9 years rebdog Fix for ticket 710, only run cmd 2a if in cmd table, hopefully does …
(edit) @3069   9 years rebdog Add new option ndsversion, will document in next few days
(edit) @3058   9 years rebdog Move table of all known atrs into reader-videoguard-common.c
(edit) @3050   9 years rebdog NDS, move more things into reader-videoguard-common.[h,c]
(edit) @3049   9 years rebdog Revert NDS files to version 3040 and fix error by changing static …
(edit) @3041   9 years rorothetroll fix reader-videoguard2.c that I broke. Restored to 3033 version with …
(edit) @3034   9 years rorothetroll regrouped common code and data for NDS in reader-videoguard-common.[c,h]
(edit) @3029   9 years rorothetroll added some comment for the nds atr table. It will now be easier to add …
(edit) @3028   9 years rorothetroll cleanup in nds card type display
(edit) @3027   9 years rorothetroll remove directv atr from reader-videoguard2.c
(edit) @3019   9 years rorothetroll first phase of adding NDS1 support
(edit) @2979   9 years rorothetroll added atr for NDS NZ card. Thank you rebdog
(edit) @2972   9 years rorothetroll added sky NZ atr
(edit) @2966   9 years cogsi oscam.tiers file now availble to define tier names (videoguard-only …
(edit) @2965   9 years cogsi nds: fixed skyit 9cd atr detection and more cosmetics
(edit) @2964   9 years cogsi nds: removed old sky uk atr and other cosmetic changes
(edit) @2963   9 years cogsi nds: added skyit 9cd atr (thanks .:foggy:.) and other cosmetic changes
(edit) @2962   9 years cogsi updated SkyIt? tiers table
(edit) @2955   9 years polo - Add 'reread' command in monitor to reload entitlements - Improve …
(edit) @2444   9 years rorothetroll better fix for ticket #554
(edit) @2443   9 years rorothetroll fix for ticket #554
(edit) @2442   9 years lattjo Some videoguard EMM's could be incorrectly parsed resulting in crap …
(edit) @2420   9 years rorothetroll fix some ins36 parsing issue
(edit) @2419   9 years rorothetroll patch to deal with cccam emm as the UA and SA are stripped in these …
(edit) @2414   9 years rorothetroll more fix for irdeto_card_info
(edit) @2404   9 years rorothetroll working on ticket #545, this is the first part
(edit) @2396   9 years rorothetroll backport changes for NDS card caid 09ac from UMP
(edit) @2337   9 years merek Merge from UMP r2072 (added 2 new videoguard ATR, rorothetroll)
(edit) @2299   9 years merek Fix boxid extraction, baseyear for DMSART Turkey, thanks to qspace
(edit) @2292   9 years merek - Merge from UMP r2055 - Merge UMP and SB get_emm_type for videoguard
(edit) @2273   9 years merek Merge some parts from UMP r2053
(edit) @2265   9 years merek Merge some parts from UMP r2049 - part 2
(edit) @2263   9 years merek Merge some parts from UMP r2048, please have a look to the UMP …
(edit) @2262   9 years merek Merge from UMP r2047
(edit) @2197   9 years merek Merge from UMP r2042-r2045
(edit) @2085   9 years _network disable videoguard2 emm processing
(edit) @2083   9 years _network update videoguard emm filter
(edit) @2074   9 years _network allow more than one emm filter per type
(edit) @2066   9 years _network fix bug with sc8in1 from r2040
(edit) @2062   9 years _network some ideas for videoguard emm filter (untested)
(edit) @2059   9 years _network compile without CS_RDR_INIT_HIST on embedded systems
(edit) @2058   9 years merek Fix compilerwarnings
(edit) @2057   9 years merek Merge from ump r2015
(edit) @2054   9 years alno Basic structure of videoguard_get_emm_filter - not yet working. We …
(edit) @1951   9 years merek Merge from UMP r1973-1983
(edit) @1948   9 years merek Revert last UMP changes as this causes signal 11 and is not realy stable
(edit) @1946   9 years merek Merge from UMP r1973-1979
(edit) @1926   9 years merek Merge UMP r1944-1969: - Adding SC8in1 support, thanks to dingo35
(edit) @1904   9 years landlord Fix in Videoguard2 tiers date calculation, thanks to neoen
(edit) @1879   9 years _network reader-videoguard2 Postprocess-cw optimization, thanks to Tis Team
(edit) @1858   10 years merek Some backports from modular branch r1856
(edit) @1851   10 years merek Postprocessed DW debugging, thanks to Pynkyz
(edit) @1848   10 years _network reader-videoguard2: fix wrong detection of B0 position
(edit) @1846   10 years merek Make new videoguard-reader functions static, add some gcc packed …
(edit) @1845   10 years alno try fix skyit crash fix as suggested by neoen in UMP …
(edit) @1843   10 years alno Fix some compilerwarnings in skyit fix. Maybe avoid hard hard crash …
(edit) @1841   10 years alno skyIT fix - untested
(edit) @1774   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1836
(edit) @1766   10 years landlord New EMM processing, so they can be filtered for DVB API, thanks to dingo35.
(edit) @1733   10 years merek Merge from UMP r1801
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